Monday, June 3, 2019

Day 238


My "Happiest Place on Earth"!
Well wow it's been forever and I feel like I left y'all hanging with news that my heart that was going to blow up, so, here we go!!

I was able to get into the cardiologist a few weeks ago, which was in itself a miracle since they are scheduling out 6 months (that in and of itself seems crazy to me).  In a nutshell, my cardiologist said that the stenosis in my aortic valve was smack dab in the middle of moderate, not severe like her colleague had rated it.  She isn't worried about it yet and cleared me to exercise free of worry that my heart will explode.  Phew!  Although she did say no weight lifting exercises with my arms since it puts additional strain on my heart, so I guess they are not worried about it but also worried about it?  I will eventually need a valve replacement when I start developing symptoms but they won't do anything until they are pretty severe, which sounds like a fun thing to wait for.  Whatever.  I've gone through cancer and quite frankly this does not scare me at all.

My pain over this was mostly over the fact that I had the finding on my echocardiogram in November and no one said squat to me about it until right before they were wheeling me into surgery a few weeks ago.  Talk about bad timing!  😐  

What should have happened was that I should have been at least told about the results of my echo in November, then had a follow up echo after my last chemo in February, and another echo one year after my last cardio-toxic chemotherapy (sounds better every time I say it), which will be in December.  So I will get that all taken care of.  Needless to say, my oncologist and I are going to have a frank conversation next week about the management of my care and who is supposed to be paying attention.  I have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to these doctors and I feel like I get to ask for some accountability and follow-through.  

So while I've been away, I decided I was going to take some time off to recover from my hysterectomy in my favorite place in the entire world.  I cashed in a few gazillion Marriott points and stayed for almost a week on them.  Took the kiddos with because they love it there too.  It was a much needed getaway and some much needed time to rest and recover.  Got some quality time in by the pool a la vodka, went to our favorite restaurant, Hibachi, and for the most part chilled the f&ck out which was AMAZING!!  The kids got to catch up with their dad so that was nice too.  Since it was pretty chill, not a ton of pics, but there's a few throughout this post and more on IG if that's your jam.

Oh and Michael hit a deer and totaled the other car but we're not going to linger on that since it's bad juju.    Fighting insurance company now.

Cake vs Box.....guess who won?
Also, it was my BIRTHDAY yesterday so happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee!!!  Kicked off the traditional birthday week on Saturday so woot!  Thank you to Kevin and Clint for the wonderful birthday dinner with gourmet cheeseburgers and Konditorei.  How can you go wrong?  I may be extending birthday week to the end of the year.  Stay tuned =)

Tissue Expanders to the max!! 
Because why not.
And on a more exciting note, in my plot to take over the world through HR, I received the most amazing promotion!!!  I know!!!  My territory has expanded from OR and WA to now include Nor-Cal, NM, and NV.  I have really really missed managing a team, and I will be doing that again for a team of truly amazing people.  And I will be working from home!!!!!  There will be some travel of course, which I love, and I will still be close enough to my branch so I can visit when I get people withdrawals.  I am currently trying to find my replacement which is exciting since my exec team is so great and my position has been so much fun so far, and (I am going to say excited again) I am so excited for another person to have the opportunity to work for my company and with my team.   I really couldn't be more thrilled and happy, and a little proud of myself too.  Especially dealing with what I am dealing with and still able to accomplish this.  I am so grateful and truly lucky to love what I do and who I work with.  You know who you are ❤

Also asking for some good vibes from everyone for the boys' grandma.  She was hospitalized on Sunday and needs a bunch of good energy her way.  She is an amazing woman and has been selfless and a rock through my cancer journey and I need her to be OK.

I think I've caught you all up on everything!  If I missed something, I blame chemo brain and I'll probably remember it at 2am =)

Love you all.  Take care of yourselves.


p.s.  I remembered lots more!!  Ha!!  

David got his driver's license last week so now I have two teenage boy drivers!!  My next surgery is July 12th when I get the tissue expanders (aka sacks that feel like rocks in your chest) swapped out for my implants and I could not be more excited for that!  And, I am still on the fence about starting up the Xeloda (four months of oral chemo).  I will keep you posted on that decision in a few weeks.  Seriously though folks, it's hard to sign up for more chemo and I am going to need more of a why than the "just because" that I have received so far.  Different battle, different day.  Gnite!