Monday, November 18, 2019

So about that echo....

Q.  How are you supposed to act when you get an abnormal finding on your recent echo that is a predictor for a "major adverse cardiac event"?

A.  Yeah I don’t know either. But this will work for now. 

And no googling. Definitely no googling.

Friday, November 15, 2019

My brief escape from reality....

Hi everyone!!  Been wanting to post for a while but it's been crazy town here!

Since recovering from my wonderful Xeloda side-effect experience I have been keeping very busy!  I traveled to New Mexico for work, and on my flight in to ABQ I experienced what they call a "bailed landing" as a result of an air traffic controller error and needing to avoiding another airplane.  Do not recommend.  Without knowing what was going on, it was very scary and it got real quiet on the plane until we landed.  On a happier note, on my off time before my return flight home, I visited Santa Fe.  I've never been before and it didn't disappoint.  I also took this amazing picture and I think I can die happy now.  Maybe it's because I love orange and blue together so much that makes me love this picture, but I think it's just lovely.

The next week I was up in Seattle and had a much less exciting flight, thank you Delta airlines.

After I returned from Seattle, I was off to my most favorite place, Palm Desert, for a much needed reset.  David went with me to make sure I was safe.  Funny because I have done that trip so many times without incident but I get it.  Protect the mommy.  Good kid.

It was so wonderful to get some R&R, especially after "Pinktober".  I think it's really great to have all the awareness around breast cancer, don't get me wrong, but there is a certain kind of melancholy that settles in with all the scary statistics that are published during Breast Cancer Awareness month. It can be a struggle to rise above the constant barrage of mortality rates, etc. and move forward with your chin held up high.  As wonderful as the intent of BCA month is, I am thankful it is over.  Bring on Movember please.

So between all that and work, it was definitely time for some me time.  There's only so much powering through on chemo that a girl can do.  Besides some quality time at the pool, David and I traveled to Joshua Tree National Park to star gaze.  There was almost a full moon so the stars weren't as impressive as I thought they should have been, but while we were sitting and chatting and looking up, David, says "what in the heck is that?".  Streaming across the sky in UFO-like fashion was a string of lights.  

Now, I am not all too sure about UFO's  but we did not have cell service at the time and couldn't Google what in the heck we may be experiencing so it was a bit disconcerting (much like the cackling of coyotes that we heard in the distance upon our arrival).  Once we bounced and got back into cell service, we discovered that we had the very rare experience of seeing the SpaceX Starlink satellites in orbit.  To top it off, they had launched them the same day we saw them!!  I'm kind of a geek, so in my book, it was really a cool thing to see!!!!

Here's a few pics that I took at Joshua Tree.  It's gorgeous!


I have to admit, I got a bit cranky at the idea of coming home and getting back to it.  Only because I knew it would be a harsh return to reality.  The day after I got home, it would be time to start back up my next chemo cycle, and to kick it all off, an echo-cardiogram first thing to see how my defective heart valve is holding up.  I am pulling slowly away from that deflated mood, and I am hoping there won't be any changes in my heart function and I won't have to do that for another year.  Cross your fingers!  I also have lab tests for Lupus pending that I have been avoiding and it's weighing on me.  My sister was recently diagnosed with it (please send good vibes her way), and as you may or may not know, the doctors believe undiagnosed Lupus is what took my mom.  Hoping not to add that to my resume as well, because 😐.

This weekend promises to be super busy and exciting.  Boys are getting their senior pics done in Bend and I can't wait to share them with you all!!   Have a wonderful weekend!!  XOXO