Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Day 8

You might want to grab a tissue.

No pretty pictures today.  Just black and white.  Hoping perhaps that will help the reality set in a little bit.  Because what the shit is going on?!?!

Here's the scoop:  

Had the call from the intake nurse at the oncology center today and learned that apparently, there is a good kind of cancer to get,  Who knew?  It seems I didn't hit the cancer lottery and have a very particular and special kind of cancer.  

I mean if I am going to do this shit, go big or go home.

Here's what I know:

  • I have a rare sub-type of cancer, called triple negative breast cancer.  This means that I do not have any of the common receptors on my cancer cells, making it more difficult to treat (because many treatments target those receptors to destroy the cells).  Also, a higher likelihood of recurrence.
  • I am doing genetic testing tomorrow to check for two cancer markers that will determine the surgical strategy.
  • I am going to start two-ish months of a, and I quote, "really big round of chemo".
  • After that, surgery.
  • Based on the pathology of that surgery, I'll either be done or need more chemo.
So yeah, that happened.  Today was a day I allowed myself a lot of grace.  Tomorrow I need to pick it back up and think about how I maintain a new normal, which I think I will chat about tomorrow.

Chin up.  Eyes closed.  Got to get some sleep.

I am going to be OK.