Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Day 14

One day at a time.

We all know that everyone deals with things at their own pace.  That knowledge still doesn't prepare us for when things hit, or how.  Today the reality hit my daughter smack in the face.  Everyone has their breaking point.  Mine is being a single mom with cancer, (like in WAY over my head). For my daughter, her little lizard died today, and with that on top of everything else, it was just more than she could take.  

Today was a crying and hugs and reassurances kind of day.  I sensed that she was almost relieved to be able to cry and feel, and I was thankful that she could.  That's one wisdom that I have tried to instill in my kids in general, and I really have been drilling it in lately.  Allow yourself to feel and learn how to express yourself in a healthy way.  And let me show you how to do that by how I handle myself now. Not perfectly, but vulnerable, accountable, and positive.  It seems like a lot of pressure sometimes, but ultimately I see it as an opportunity to help them be better humans and partners.

So, lots of funny faces before bed time so I could send her to sleep with happy instead of sad.  Now she's snoring in bed beside me and that makes everything in the world right.

Mission accomplished.  For today.  

Goodnight my friends! 


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