Friday, October 12, 2018

Day 4

Does this tumor make my butt look big???

Seriously people.  
Asking for a friend.

Here’s why:  I have been comfort/stress eating for the better part of three weeks since I had my “routine” mammogram and it’s time to reel it on in.  My sturdy yet small 5’3” frame cannot sustain and I am preparing for the marathon of my life.

To be more specific, I am looking for recipes.  Healthy and easy recipes that can be made in a relatively quick time frame. I am sure that means different things to different people.  For me, healthy is not a huge amount of carbs or fat (hence the butt joke), easy is any recipe that doesn’t have a gazillion different ingredients and require hours of prep time using my favorite Ginsu knives or busting out the Cuisinart (yes, I have a Cuisinart), and by quick I mean preferably no more than an hour from start to finish because after I get home from work I have three hungry teenagers staring at me saying mom, mom, mom, mom....... I don’t think I need to explain that more other than quicker is definitely better 😅.  

I would super ❤ if you would post in the comments your favorite recipe(s) and/or email it to me using the contact form below.  I think it would be really so great to roll up all the yummy ideas you send into a ‘quick links’ area on the front page for me (and everyone else) to tap into later.

OR, if you have a recipe and you want to come over and bust open a bottle of 🍷 and show me how to whip up your favorite dish and have a few laughs, I am totally down with that too! 

P.S. Preferential treatment is given to those that promise to bring their very best Julia Child impression.  


  1. Hahahaaaa! I LOVE YOU! I love this.

  2. Here is one that I'm sure you've seen a gazillion times on Pinterest...Zuccini boats! I don't measure when I cook so but you can make these boats a couple different ways and play with flavors.

    Here's the recipe:

    Get a couple of zucchinis and cut the tips off. Don't cut too much of the end otherwise your filing will spill out the end of it.

    Brown some ground beef half a pack of taco seasoning. Mix in some corn, cilantro, diced tomatoes, onions, green chili's, and black beans and stir in the other half of the taco seasoning. Taste the filling and see if it needs more seasoning

    Fill the zuccini boats with the taco meat filing, cover with cheese of your choice.

    Bake uncovered for about 8-10 mins.

    I like to finish it up with more cilantro and sprinkle crispy fried jalepenos on top which you can find in the salad topping section at any grocery store.

    If you want to switch up the filling, try ground Italian sausage, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, and shallots with fresh Italian herbs. Cover with your choice of cheese and italian seasoned breadcrumbs.

    I have an Asian filling mixture too!

    1. LOL I think I am one of the few people that are not on Pinterest so this is great! I love the variations and I would love to have the Asian filling mixture too! Thank you so much!

  3. So this morning I made a kick ass comment to your post and I hadn't signed in, when I went back to it, it had lost everything. Anywho I can't re-create my awesomeness so I'll just give you the down and dirty.
    I highly reccommend "meal planning" maybe a few each week to start ( it can be overwhelming at first). #1- It gets everyone in the house thinking about meals, yes even teenagers can think ahead right? #2- you'll go to the store less( we only go once a week, if we miss an ingredient we modify it for what we have on hand). #3- It allows you to have a better more balanced meal. #4- you don't have wasted food that gets tossed. I use the crock pot for many meat prep and rotisserre chicken canned chicken really does well in soups and casseroles. I usew pinterest quite a bit and in the now 3 almost 4 years I've done this I have trial and error recipes. As for recipes- I need them to be quick( 30-40 minutes tops, unless weekend), I need them to be easy. Like you I can't have 20 ingredients or hard to find either. Soups are awesome and usually quicker. Zuppa Tuscano rocks in the crock pot. Of course tacos and enchiladas can be made with rosisserie chicken. Easy peasy. I have a lot of recipes so let me know what sort of recipe you want and I'll email it.

    1. Hahaha well this is a pretty kick ass comment, so the other one likely would have made my head explode! I am a huge planner when it comes to meals and am looking for more to add to the repertoire instead of the same old thing, I love my crock pot too! I think I am seeing a recurring theme about Pinterest so I guess I need to check it out! If you come accross a recipe that you think I really need to have, please send it my way! Would love to have more in my arsenal.

  4. When you enter the Pinterest zone you'll be stuck there forever! I really do love it. You can be organized or not. I have several "boards" to keep myself in check and not let my ADD get the better of me. I'll spent hours quite literally on a free day uploading new things and printing recipes for the next weeks menu.
    Lately we've started cooking with the oven again, now that is is cooler. Are your kids adventurous eaters? What do they like?

  5. I would strongly suggest getting an instapot. There are a million recipes out there that are delicious and only take about 30 min start to finish!

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