Saturday, October 20, 2018

Day 12

Look out Rapunzel....

The winner
Took the day off from blogging yesterday.  I had a few people check in on me because they missed the daily blog, and I can assure you I was not drunk in a ditch, but dang, I was P-O-O-P-E-D.  Not like the regular pooped, but a spelled out-loud kind of pooped.

Today was so much fun!  Made the best of a not so awesome thing and went wig shopping at Kay's World of Wigs with the girl and the BFF.  I am not convinced either way yet if I will wear a wig going into this (or just scarves/hats/bald) but I found one that I really love that is light and I think flattering, all things considered. 

Even though I'm not sure how much I will wear it, I have heard that's it's best to get a wig pre-chemo 1) while I have energy and 2) so the shop could help me find one close to my natural hair. 

The "ummmmm, no"
The "blonde Parker Posey"
The "can I speak to your manager"

The "Beyonce"
Some pictures of the shenanigans today and the post-wig celebratory cheesecake at Konditorei.  Always fun to go because Kevin and I worked there together once upon a (long) time ago and we were the most entertaining cake cutting, milk foaming, quiche cooking baristas out there.  It brings back such funny stories and memories.  

Plus it's cheesecake, so....

Have a great night everyone! Heading out for a hike tomorrow.  This weather!!!  😍


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