Saturday, October 13, 2018

Day 5

Help!  My boob is trying to kill me! 

Dear Left Boob, 

Am I missing something?  I thought we were friends.  I will admit, when we first met, I wasn't sure I liked you very much, and you made me a little uncomfortable, but eventually you grew on me.

As a good friend does, I did my very best to take care of you.  Dressed you up in pretty things and took you to the doctor.  I will admit that you were very good to me too.  You were kind of picky about clothes but I didn't mind.  And even though you got grumpy with me on a pretty regular basis it was OK because you fed my children and made sure they were big, chubby, happy, healthy babies.  You brought me happiness and I am sure you did the same for others.

And now I have discovered you are a traitor.  How am I supposed to feel now?  I can tell you I have been devastated, angry, stunned.  People have said just get rid of you, I'll be fine.  But you are as much a part of me as an arm or a leg.  There is a part of me that is scared of what life looks like without you.  The woman that I identify with is partly because you are here.  My girlfriend and I were talking the other day about you and she made a joke, but in many ways it's true.  She said "I don't know who I am without good cleavage".  It was funny, but it stung because I know that I may have to say goodbye to you.  I'm not ready for that quite yet and I'm not sure it's going to happen, but regardless, I have been preparing for it.  If you do stay, we need to sit down and work a few things out.

I want you to know I now have a "Breast Team", a panel of experts trained in dealing with back-stabbing boobies.  I will advocate for you because you are part of me, but if it comes down to it, I will choose me over you, every day.  I have three big, healthy, happy, not-so-much babies anymore that need me.  And I need me. 

Whatever shape that takes.

With love from your breast friend, 




  1. This is absolutely amazing. I love you. ��

  2. This is so beautiful, however you have 3 amazing kids that need you WAY more than you need ole lefty. Besides, the way implants look these days... you could look more amazing after than you do now! Without the worries! I love you! and I love reading your blog! I know this is a hard road for you to travel just know you aren't traveling it alone!

  3. Although I'm probably one of the founding members of the IBTC, I do understand the attachment to your upper besties. However, you have other great ASSets that you will learn to appreciate and cherish should the day come to make that decision.