Sunday, October 21, 2018

Day 13

Self-care Sunday.

Today I knocked out one of the hikes that I have been wanting to do but procrastinating.  It was breathtaking and challenging, and there was a point that I wanted to give up.  I had to laugh out-loud at myself as I walked up the steep incline at how my little Sunday adventure had transformed into such an obvious metaphor of the reality I am now facing.  

But it did, and it was a good thing.  As I made it to the top of the knoll, I was filled with confidence and the satisfaction of knowing that I was up for the challenge right in front of me, and the one yet to come.  Not as much confidence (and a lot less grace) as I slid back down the hill on my butt, but I was smiling the whole way.

Also, I have been looking into less strenuous hikes so I can continue to do what I love so much throughout my treatment.  I have heard that Hoyt Arboretum has some really great paths.  Let me know if you have any shorter, easier, hikes that you love!  

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the amazing October we are having.  I know I did!  Remember to take care of you, hug someone you love, say something kind, and give yourself lots of grace.

Goodnight my friends!


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  1. Hoyt does have some great easy ones! They are tucked away and gorgeous in there!