Friday, December 7, 2018

Day 60

Two months in!

Hey there everyone, just checking in!  I can tell you I started getting super grumpy Wednesday night about going into chemo yesterday.  Mostly because I really don't look forward to the stupid feeling that sets in for the first five days.  However, besides the grogginess yesterday and a really exciting and brief occurrence of neuropathy in my right leg, I am feeling pretty fantastic today.  So that's really great!!!  And I had some pretty awesome company for the infusion too =)

I was kind of disappointed yesterday to find out that there's nothing that can be done about the sores erupting on my lips (hot, I know) and the incision in my neck that I can't seem to heal up from my port surgery on 10/29.  I have learned that my body can't deal with the knots they put in the dissolvable stitches to tie off, so I am trying to eject this little knot of sutures out of my body and I really wish they could lance it, but it could contaminate the port, so nothing to be done unfortunately.

But, I am happy to have the remainder of my chemo scheduled out.  I have one more round of the "Red Devil" on 12/20 and then I start the Taxol on 1/3.  My last chemo (hopefully ever) should be on 2/14 so what a great Valentine's Day present that will be!!  I would much rather get flowers, dinner, and chocolates-just putting it out into the universe ❤.

Everything else is going just fine, kids are good, puppy is good, and I even got some Christmas swag put up in the house!!  I wasn't really feeling the holiday vibe to be honest, but I decided it would be the best to bust out the xmas paraphernalia and maintain some normal.  Which, as it turns out, was pretty awesome because when the kids got home from school I was running around showing them all the stuff that was out, and that felt really great for everyone!  

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!.

Love! XOXO 💗

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