Monday, May 6, 2019

Day 210

Upstairs, Downstairs

Second part of the complete renovation (aka surgery #2 - hysterectomy) is scheduled for tomorrow morning.  Last week I would say I was "kinda having a little PTSD" about going in for surgery again, but I am completely comfortable now admitting I am full on in it.  

This week I have finally started feeling really healthy and strong again.  Understandably (I think), I am not really looking forward to another surgery and recovering and waiting for pathology (my least favorite part).  I feel like I just had surgery a few weeks ago!!  Also a teeny bit of anxiety about going into surgical menopause because chemical menopause has been so much fun.  I am going to beg and plead and bat my new baby eyelashes (they grew back!) at the surgeon and fully expect to wake up with an estrogen patch slapped on my ass.  Or wherever they go.

So, I have been staying crazy busy these past few days for distraction.  I did have this little moment driving to work today as the thought crossed my mind that I am getting rid of everything that has created and nurtured life because it's trying to take mine.  Weird kind of circle of life moment but it was a thing, trust me.

Anyway, party at OHSU South Waterfront tomorrow at 10:45am for a one night stay.  Please send positive vibes, glitter, etc. my way!  One more step closer to the finish line. 

Oh and check this out!!! 


Talk soon!