Thursday, May 9, 2019

Day 213

Bicuspid Aortic Valve Stenosis.  

Because why the fuck not.

My parting gift from my overnight stay at OHSU for my hysterectomy was a doozy.  Before I start with that though, hysterectomy went great! All the organs looked healthy and normal, although still need to wait for final pathology, which I will have on 5/20. I feel like someone gut punched me a few dozen times and super bloated with the gas they pump into your body during laparoscopic surgery. I've got a weird rash on my face and neck from the anesthesia and being turned on my head during surgery (docs words, not mine, but must've been quite the party). Otherwise feeling great! Oh and I've got my estrogen patch now (hallelujah) and I am feeling so much better in a different kind of way with that.

OK now the fun stuff. So rewind way back to 2002 when I was pregnant with the boys. I was first diagnosed with a heart murmur which isn't unusual during pregnancy. Mine never went away. It's likely I've always had It and was just noticed then because of the increased blood flow that happens during pregnancy. It was never really made a big deal by any of my healthcare providers up until as recently as last September when the last thing I was told was that if I started experiencing symptoms, please go check it out.

So, right before I started my chemo, I had a baseline echocardiogram done because the chemo I had to do can affect heart function. I never heard anything more about it.

Fast forward to yesterday and imagine my surprise as people were freaking out over my 85/50 blood pressure and 130 heart rate that was being attributed to my bicuspid aortic valve stenosis.  My what?!?! 

Oh yes.  

So I have a referral with a congenital cardiologist and I'll call and make that appt tomorrow. I'm not sure what my options will be, but even if it's worst case it seems that the fix is pretty straightforward and can be done non-invasively. I'll just power through this one too. Just cross your fingers I don't drop dead before that happens. Kidding, but you know.  

Doing some quality recovery time on the couch with David ❤
And, my internal geek is getting quite fond of embracing my genetic mutations.  Michael says I have pretty much attained super hero status at this point.   Ha, I love it!!

Although I am still letting this all sink in, please don't freak out.  I know it's going to be OK.  I'm not scared.  Don't be scared for me.  It's another hurdle.  I've got this.  Other than the obvious, I am healthy and strong and after the seemingly imminent complete overhaul I am having done now, I will be good to go for a very long time.

My advice, try not to take it too personally that I'm having all the fun. I told you I'm an overachiever.

More to follow on this though as I know more. Just trying to keep it interesting for y'all since I'm wrapping up my cancer journey.



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