Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Day 29

So much love happening!

I can't even cram it in to one blog post!!  I don't even know where to start!!  If you know me personally, this will (hopefully) make you laugh out loud.  To make things easier, I will just alphabetize all the awesomeness that has been surrounding me lately.  When you quit laughing at me, please read on =)

First up this week:  Becky.

Look at what this beautiful amazing woman did out of love and support for me!!

To really appreciate this (yes, it's possible to find even more great things about this act), allow me to take you back 36 years ago to River Grove Elementary School.  Becky and I were backyard neighbors and 1st and 2nd grade BFF's.  When my dad remarried and we needed to relocate, I remember being so devastated to say goodbye to Becky.  Like it was the end of  my 8-year-old-Barbie-loving-little-girl world.  When I moved to Salem, new friends were made and I didn't see Becky anymore.  She had moved from the now to the then. 

Fast forward 24 years.  I had just reentered the workforce after staying home with my daughter for a year after she was born.  We were currently living in the Eugene/Springfield area and I had just got my "big break" as an Invoicing Specialist at Richardson Cap Co.  I was training with a co-worker and I noticed a very familiar name on the employee roster.  I was thinking, "OK, I know that's not a common name at all, but this can't really be happening".  So!  I had my coworker take me down to introduce me and holy shit it was Becky!!   It was so great to catch up and learn about what she had been doing, and her own battles.

Me and Becky (I think 7??)
Then as life and change happens, we moved back up to the Portland area, and for the most part lost any sense of meaningful interaction (translation: FB friends only).

Fast forward 12 more years.  (Taking a minute to let that settle in.  Time goes by so fast!!).  I shared my diagnosis on my social media accounts, after agonizing a bit about whether to do so (see my Day 1 post), and Becky was the first to reach out.  She is a cancer survivor and is wearing her battle scars proudly (and loudly after the recent haircut-thanks Mike 😊).  She has come with me to doctor appointments, provided support, understanding, and love.

I think I get the message that some people are just meant to be in your life.  And, if you are lucky enough to have Becky in your life, you have been blessed. 

Love you girl.  I told you I was gonna dish on you ❤



  1. Hooray!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! You are my BEST person!!! 😘😘❤️❤️💜💜💕💕😍😍

  2. Jenny...... I’m so happy for you both to have renewed your friendship at this time when friends are so important. I’m proud of this post about Becky, and agree with every word you said about her! Much love from me, too. Mom Kaake ❤️