Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Day 37

Proof of Life =)

I swear I am here!  It has been a whirlwind week between my first chemo and the big party and work and life and all that good stuff!  

I am doing pretty good, very up and down.  Mostly tired and nausea.  And in a real life episode which aired today of, "What the Shit, Life?", I also have cramps.  Ask me tomorrow how I feel about Tylenol, but tonight I am accepting chocolate donations LOL.  

OK! Enough of this boring stuff!!  Yuck!!!  

Without further ado, some pics from the party.  Look at all these wonderful people that came to support me!   I cannot thank you enough for coming out.  I am so grateful to have each and every one of you in my life.

The company was great and the pizzas were amazing and a big hit!  Many many thanks to my pizza hero, Scott!!  Check out that spread!


Not only was there head shaving and pizza (as if that wasn't enough!), we unveiled the new "Team Boobie" t-shirts and hazed some of the newest members, also some of Scappoose High School's finest young men.  You may recognize the hashtag 😍  

Thank you Chad.  You are amazing to put the idea together and just run with it.  I love them and they make me smile and laugh.  And as you know, that's how you actually kill cancer =)   Can't wait to dazzle the infusion room next week rocking my new threads.

Also, had a little victory today convincing someone to schedule their very procrastinated mammogram.  Please do not wait.  I'm lucky I didn't. 

I hope you enjoy all the pics, sorry so long away!  Talk at you soon 💗


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