Monday, November 26, 2018

Day 49

Chemo has me feeling so sexy 👊

Hey everyone!  Had my second round of the "Red Devil" the day before Thanksgiving and I am slowly digging my way out of it.  Everything a bit harder this time, from the initial stick in the chest to the rotten feeling in my stomach.  Seems like its about five days before I start to feel human again, and it was back to work today with everyone else!  I did miss Thanksgiving dinner though so if anyone has leftovers, I am down!!  🍗

Since my first chemo earlier this month, lots of cool stuff happening with the bod.  Lost a toenail, got sores in my throat that felt a lot like strep but without the fever, my GI system thinks it's WWIII, and my hair is falling out in cool little globs (not to say that it wasn't expected but I am seriously having Silkwood flashbacks-apparently that movie traumatized me for life). 

And, since I am feeling full of chemo glam tonight, I wanted to share my not-so-great-moment that I had this weekend.  Definitely hit a low point and I am going to overshare because that's why I am doing this blog.  I've asked you all to virtually hold my hand with me as I fight my way through this, and not just for the fun stuff.  So, your hair.  On chemo.  You know it's coming out, but you take for granted that you are a grown up with hair like everywhere.  Then you take a bath and holy shit all your hair is jumping ship.  Moral is, don't take a bath on chemo, or you could end up crying over your tub with liquid plumber.  Not fun.

And, on a lighter note, (you may have already seen this on my IG or FB already), but I wanted to put this out into the world again because it's really just so mind-blowing for me still.  I lost a bit of weight earlier this year and needed to rebuild my wardrobe, and I fell in love with Stitch Fix.  I really don't enjoy any kind of shopping and use Click-List, Amazon Subscribe & Save, whatever I can do to never have to step foot into a store.  So with chemo happening and not so much high fashion needed at the office, I drafted a little note to my personal stylist at Stitch Fix in the little box on the app, you know, the one that you think no one ever reads.  Just wrote something really quick and simple like, "hey, starting up 4 months of chemo, can you please send me some comfy stuff for a few months?"  And then something amazing happens.  

These show up at my house.  With a card!

Then I get my super comfy fix with another note.  

I am seriously crushing on my stylist.  I ❤ you Rachel!  But seriously, how many companies would even take the time to do this?  It's overwhelming.  This whole journey has been overwhelming. Full of bad and good, disappointment and surprise. But this, all the feels.  Team Boobie is growing and hopefully bringing some awareness and action.  

It was important to me to leave you all with that happy note after my little pity party a few paragraphs up.

Sidenote, as I sit here trying to write this, meanwhile literally struggling to choke down some water and swearing at the most awful case of chemo-induced acid reflux, like ever, I am wondering do any of you suffer from this and what in the heck makes it stop?  Like if I eat bread will it soak this shit up?   I am on Prilosec from the doc but it's not touching it.  Any help greatly appreciated!!!

Have a great night friends 💗!  


p.s.  Two chemos down, six to go.  I've got this!!!!

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